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RS Collection


Welcome to the RS revolution. The innovative running tech makes a comeback from the '80s for today's chunky runner trend. Explore classic silhouettes like the RS-0 and RS-1 or step into the future with all-new versions of the RS-X and RS 9.8. Whatever your style, find an RS for every occasion.
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RS-X³ Level Up Sneakers 193526275998
RS-X³ Level Up Sneakers 193526275769
RS-X Winter Glimmer Women's Sneakers 193525893292
PUMA x TETRIS RS-X Sneakers 193525958939 5.0 3 5 1
PUMA x TETRIS RS 9.8 Sneakers 193525970740
PUMA x TETRIS RS-X Sneakers JR 193526207500 5.0 1 5 1
RS 9.8 Gravity Sneakers 192341873037
RS 9.8 Gravity Sneakers 192341873402
RS 9.8 Gravity Sneakers 192341872658
PUMA x TYAKASHA RS-X Men's Sneakers 192341047599
RS-X DEANDRE Men's Sneakers 193526286048
PUMA x TETRIS RS 9.8 Toddler Shoes 193526289483
PUMA x TETRIS RS 9.8 Little Kids' Shoes 193526289322
RS 9.8 Earth Sneakers 192341871842
RS-X Mid Utility Sneakers 192341869276
RS-X Bladerunner Sneakers 192340849095
RS-X Mid Utility Sneakers 192341869481
PUMA x JAHNKOY RS-X Knit Sneakers 193525912467
RS-X Toys Women's Sneakers 192340555026 5.0 3 5 1
RS 9.8 Gravity Sneakers JR 192341844181
RS 9.8 Gravity Little Kids' Shoes 192341806011
RS 9.8 Gravity Toddler Shoes 192341806233
PUMA x LES BENJAMINS RS-X Mid Sneakers 192341031215
RS-X Subvert Men's Sneakers 193524664565
RS-X Softcase Men's Sneakers 192340859216 5.0 1 5 1
RS-X Winterized Men's Sneakers 192340852811
RS-X Reinvent Women's Sneakers 192341849148
RS-X Bold Women's Sneakers 193524639549
RS 9.8 Metallic Women's Sneakers 192341081418
RS 9.8 Metallic Women's Sneakers 192341080671
RS-X Reinvent Women's Sneakers 192341849209
RS-X Softcase Sneakers JR 192340851937
RS-X Softcase Sneakers JR 192340851845
RS-X Softcase Little Kids' Shoes 192341804710
RS-X Softcase Toddler Shoes 192341804017

RS Collection at PUMA

Back in the ‘80s, PUMA innovated to create the very first RS. Short for Running System, the legendary running tech provided instant cushioning for a smooth, comfortable ride. Now the RS returns bolder and more comfortable than ever.

RS-X revolutionizes our original RS model with a chunky and disruptive midsole design. With each new versions of the RS-X, we’re celebrating the re-invention of style and culture. RS-X Toys pays homage to the toys we all grew up with. RS-X Tech focuses on old school tech like flip phones, hard drives and other nostalgic staples through the decades.

RS 9.8, the latest addition to the RS collection, takes inspiration from space and our own national space agency. The truly out-of-this-world design combines design elements from the original with space-inspired graphics and spheres at the midsole.

Whatever your style, find your unique pair of RS sneakers for men and women.