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Nouveau RS-X SANKUANZ Aperçu
150,00 $
Nouveau Épuisé RS-X Trophy Aperçu
110,00 $

Sneakers for Men

Explore the latest collection of sneakers for men by PUMA. Built for your lifestyle, each pair is designed for performance, both on the field and off. Browse new takes on classic styles like the Suede Classics and Roma Sneakers. Stay up to date with men's sneaker trends with shoes inspired by a killer combination of art, sport, fashion, and music. For performance, explore our collection of men's athletic shoes for Running and Training, Soccer, and Motorsport. From lifestyle to sport, get in the game with PUMA sneakers for men.

From Lifestyle to Sport: PUMA Sneakers for Men

At PUMA, we're more than sneakers. We're about the lifestyle – the lifestyle that pushes you harder, the one that tells you that everything is possible, because everything is possible. Browse our collection of men's sneakers from performance shoes that make you run faster, work harder, and be better, to sneakers that just make you feel good.

Our collection of men's athletic shoes includes shoes for running and training, soccer cleats, and indoor soccer shoes. Run faster and farther with PUMA men's running and training shoes. Take a look at our Ignites. Designed for efficiency and power, these shoes are ultra-responsive, returning energy to you as you work out. Find track and running spikes, and even shop the same ones worn by PUMA athlete and fastest man on the planet Usain Bolt. Don't forget to gear up with our men's soccer cleats and indoor soccer shoes. Built for power, speed, and accuracy, our soccer cleats are worn by some of the greatest soccer athletes out there, including Agüero, Mario Balotelli, and Cesc Fàbregas.

You've never looked cooler than you do in our Lifestyle sneakers for men. Explore the latest designs inspired by shoes from our archives – find classics like our Suede and Roma shoes featuring modern colors and current design trends. Our men's casual sneaker collection also includes Motorsport styles like Ferrari and BMW shoes. For every style, find the perfect pair of PUMAs for your wardrobe.