FENTY Unisex Scout Backpack 075329_01 119,99 USD

FENTY Unisex Scout Backpack

119,99 $ 300,00 $
Numéro du modèle 075329_01
FENTY Unisex Scout Backpack
119,99 $ 300,00 $
Numéro du modèle 075329_01
FENTY Unisex Scout Backpack, Winetasting-Flame, swatch
Couleur Winetasting-Flame
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Most likely to break the rules, Rihanna returns as PUMA Creative Director for her third season. The latest FENTY PUMA by Rihanna collection takes classic school uniforms and dismantles them. Varsity jackets are reimagined with exaggerated dimensions. Sneakers meet stiletto heels. Preppy meets provocative. Unexpected cutlines, premium materials, and chenille patches abound.

Ready to be schooled? The laptop compartment inside this backpack won't be the only thing extremely well-padded: taking inspiration from scout holidays with sleeping bags, this shiny nylon fabric backpack offers unprecedented comfort. Just lean against it, put your head back and relax – you always have your personal pillow right there with you, just like the items you want to bring along.


  • Padded laptop compartment, zip pocket inside
  • Striking PUMA head badge made of chenille fabric on the back
  • Chunky plastic zips with signature FENTY horseshoe pullers
  • Extremely well-padded and comfortable
  • Shiny fabric mix of nylon and polyester

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90% Nylon / 10% Polyester