Men’s Bags and Backpacks


From duffle bags and backpacks, to gym bags and glove box bags, PUMA ensures your workout essentials are always within easy reach. Proving that gym bags for men can be as versatile as the athletes who use them, PUMA delivers on both form and functionality. Our sleek tote bags have easy-to-use snap closures and great storage, but if you’re looking for something more substantial, you’ll find the space you need inside a PUMA duffel bag. For the widest choice of hands-free style, prepare to move through the world with PUMA backpacks for men. Or, if more portability is your priority, PUMA glove box bags for men blend streetstyle with high performance apparel. Constructed from lightweight, yet durable, materials, PUMA backpacks provide accessible storage and an ergonomic fit. Select a 90s-inspired silhouette for urban adventure, or a multi-pocketed style when you need to house a helmet, spare training shoes or other accessories.
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