Women’s Lifestyle Sneakers


These aren't your average everyday kicks. PUMA's lifestyle shoes for women are made to stand out and step up every day. Find a pair that makes you unapologetically you.
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PUMA x FASHION GEEK California Men's Sneakers 193524722418
Inhale Flares Sneakers 192340847732
Inhale Flares Sneakers 192340847527
Tarrenz SB PURETEX Mid Sneakers 192341742821
Tarrenz SB PURETEX Mid Sneakers 192341743187
Suede Pearl Studs Women's Sneakers 192340975145
Suede Pearl Studs Women's Sneakers 192340974902
PUMA Rebound LayUp Sneakers 193524105150 4.8 4 5 1
Ralph Sampson Mid Logo Women's Sneakers 193524130701
LQDCELL Omega Lab Training Shoes 192341875789
LQDCELL Omega Lab Training Shoes 192341875581
Palace Guard Wings Women's Sneakers 192341788829
PUMA Smash Perf Sneakers 190275640756 3.3 4 5 1
PUMA x TYAKASHA Cali Women's Sneakers 192341037248
PUMA x TYAKASHA Basket Sneakers 192341024163
PUMA x TYAKASHA Roma Sneakers 192341026099
RS-X Core Sneakers 192340844151
Suede Classic Metal Badge Sneakers 192341010098
Suede Classic Metal Badge Sneakers 192341009849
Utility Dimension Women's Sneakers 193524517878
Court Star Sneakers 192340921265 5.0 1 5 1
USD $55.00
Court Star Sneakers 192340915196 5.0 1 5 1
USD $55.00
Muse X-2 Women's Sneakers 192341828709
Muse X-2 Women's Sneakers 192341829232
Ralph Sampson Mid Sneakers 192341095521 5.0 2 5 1
En Pointe Muse Satin Women's Sneakers 191241495745 5.0 2 5 1
RS-X Winterized Sneakers 192340851791
CELL Stellar Neon Women's Sneakers 192341031888
Inhale Flares Sneakers 192340847169
RS-X Softcase Sneakers 192340863527
Nova Hypertech Women's Sneakers 192341825593
Nova Hypertech Women's Sneakers 192341825999
Cali Emboss Women's Sneakers 192340910405

Women’s Lifestyle Shoes

For all the women who are far from basic, our collection of kicks is made just for you. PUMA’s tennis shoes for women offer stability, support and classic good looks.

Whether you’re going for the white shoe look, street sleek trend, or looking for a classic everyday shoe, add a bold twist to your look. The Cali, worn by Selena Gomez, is a newly instated PUMA icon, perfect for those lazy summer days or for hitting the streets in style.

For all our retro fans, PUMA’s lifestyle shoes like the Suede and Roma are legends in the street and come in different colors and designs for every unique sense of style.

Want something more edgy? Explore the latest designs from PUMA. Superior cushioning and futuristic design let you stand out in the streets and step up your look. Unique lifestyle shoes like the Muse, Thunder and Defy fuse retro training and running design with fashion-forward, on-trend style.

Discover a pair of shoes for women for every occasion.